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Rope & pole tents are what most people picture when they think of a tent. They are made of a heavy covering with one or more center poles and staking along the perimeter of the tent. The tents are supported by the center poles and tension from ropes attached to the stakes.

15' x 15' Solid White $199.00 + tax
20' x 20' Solid White $259.00 + tax
20' x 30' Solid White $299.00 + tax
20' x 40' Solid White $339.00 + tax
30' x 40' Solid White $499.00 + tax
30' x 60' Solid White $899.00 + tax

NOTE: Rope and Pole tents must be set up on grassy area or an area where stakes can be anchored into the ground. Allow 3'-5' on all sides of tent for support and anchoring purposes.

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